How To Prep for Silverwood: Parent Edition

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First of all, let’s get something straight and to the point.

Are you a parent? Considering becoming a parent? Feel like a parent? (You get the point)

Then you are in the right place. This one is for YOU!!!!!

We are here to make your life easier as a parent at Silverwood.

Now maaaaaybe you’re a hardened PRO when it comes to theme parks;

or maaaaaybe you’re a newbie whose kids are leaving notes all around the house, sending you videos, talking about it non-stop, and using their vegetables at dinner to make a mock-up of stunt pilot on their plates…. Who knows.

The point is, you’re a parent, we’re parents, and WE GOT SOME ADVICE FOR YOU!

I’m all about bullet points because, typically, there are two types of people in the world; Those who read every little detail and those who skim-read, looking for the main points.

So I’m coming at you with both of those in a nice little set of 6 points.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

For all of you. Do it.

 It is guaranteed that someone in your party will pick classically bad park shoes.

What do we mean by this? I’m talking Arch support. Can those shoes get wet? Are they broken in? Being smart with your shoe choice, and the shoe choice of all those with you, is literally one of the biggest foundations for ultimately how this park day goes! Pick a good pair of shoes, and your feet will be happy little toes at the end of the day. Pick a bad pair….. your feet, legs, and back will remind you the next day and about 5 plus days after that!

 Don’t worry, though. Even the best shoes *can* give blisters by the end of the day, so grab yourself a MAP and find yourself a first aid center for some band-aids. 

 2. Be Thoughtful When Packing your bag

Things to consider when packing for the park:

– Extra clothes

– Extra shoes

– Water gear 

– Small towel

– Reusable water bottle

– Rechargeable battery pack + appropriate cables

– Small snacks

– Small first aid kit (If you have the brand’s that you particularly like, are allergic to Latex, or don’t want to walk across the park when your kiddo has fallen and cut their knee at the entrance to Tremors)

It’s also super important to understand the difference between wants vs needs when it comes to packing a bag.

For example. I want an extra shirt, but I need to buy a new Silverwood Hoodie.

I hope that helps.

 3.How Much Money To Bring?

Most people are budget conscious. Some of you will have kids that want pocket money, and some of you have kiddos that definitely are too young to handle some money. But all in all, you’re in luck. Silverwood has CASH BANDS. And these are amazing bracelets with a scannable bar code that make it so much easier to purchase items.

This is great to be able to either keep yourself within budget, or keep your kids to a set cost for the day.

Or you know, you can totally just forget the budget, and go ahead and buy all the things! It would be more fun that way.

You need a new hoodie, also those epic tie-die shirts…. Possibly a Silverwood bear. You can get an idea of Silverwood retail HERE

4. Food

You can bring in snacks in your bags, but don’t miss out on the Silverwood food too. They’ve got Mexican food, classic snacks like chicken strips, burgers, and of course the amazing and legendary Chuck Wagon.


Something which you should definitely know about, is the Silverwood kid’s souvenir lunch boxes! Complete with the cutest box you’ve seen, apple sauce, uncrustables, gummy snacks and some juice. Did I mention the box it comes in? Can it come in adult size please?!


But hey, you know your kid’s the best. To know what they will or won’t eat. But know that the food at Silver is seriously YUM!

5.Telephone bands + the Information Center

Okay so this is literally the coolest thing ever. This will maybe only apply to those of you whose kids are a little younger. But it’s still good to know for future reference or to be able to tell a friend, who is maybe worried about their kids getting lost.


All you have to do is head to the Information Center. Here you will find access to the telephone bands and all the other things that you might need (Lost and found, Stroller’s, Wheelchairs, and Cash bands).


Something just to be able to read as a parent, for those of you who love reading everything, HERE is the accessibility guide for Silverwood.

6.Have fun

This may seem redundant, but seriously, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I walk through the park and I hear stressed-out parents….

“Why didn’t you tell me that you needed to use the bathroom?!”

“No!!!! We are doing this ride your brother chose, and then your choice!!”

“But you just ate?!”


It’s okay.


A Theme park is as stressful as YOU make it.


You read that right.


You are the parent will dictate to your kids how the park ultimately feels (Don’t be like, “Oh no, that’s too much pressure”). It’s okay. But if you’re constantly upset, then the kids will be too.


Relax, and enjoy the ultimate fun that is Silverwood.


Meet The Conductor

Hi! I’m Hannah! I have a family of 4, hailing from all corners of the globe, we’ve traveled the world with our kids, and constantly encourage our children to try new things, and experience new things. Enjoying in the little details is just as important to us as enjoy life’s major milestones. We’ve recently moved to America from New Zealand. We have a passion for family, and encouraging family to spend time together. To truly be a unit. I lived 21 years in England, then 10 years in New Zealand, My husband Devin lived 18 years in South Africa, and then 18 years in New Zealand. Our kiddos were born and raised in New Zealand, and don’t ask us what our accents are. They just awkwardly change mid conversation to suit the subject for no apparent reason. We love food, family, and theme parks. So with Silverwood, it’s a match made in heaven!


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